Floy Joy

Floy Joy is a 1972 album released by The Supremes on the Motown label. This was the only Supremes album solely produced and arranged by Smokey Robinson and included the U.S. top 20 hit, "Floy Joy" and the U.S. top 40 hit, "Automatically Sunshine", both of which were top 10 hits in the U.K.


Following the aborted album Promises Kept, Motown handed-over production duties for the Supremes to in-house songwriter, producer, artist, and company vice-president William "Smokey" Robinson. The then-current line-up of The Supremes included original Supreme Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, and Jean Terrell. Appearing on the album cover alongside Terrell and Wilson was new member Lynda Laurence, brought in to replace Cindy Birdsong, who was noticeably pregnant at the time of the photo shoot. Floy Joy marks for the first time that Mary Wilson had several leads on an album. Wilson and Terrell trade-off lead vocals on "Floy Joy" and "Automatically Sunshine", whilst Terrell has sole lead on the album's third single, "Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love". Wilson takes solo lead on the ballad "A Heart Like Mine." The "Floy Joy" single was the Supremes' final Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching as high as #9 in the UK. Its follow-ups, "Automatically Sunshine" and "Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love" were not as successful, with "Automatically Sunshine" peaking at 37 on the Billboard Hot 100, 21 on the Top Soul Singles and being the group's final Top 10 hit in the U.K. (#10, the fifth in little over two years for the post-Ross line-up), and "Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love" peaking at 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 21 on the Top Soul Singles, and missing the UK altogether. Cindy Birdsong takes lead on the spoken passage in The Wisdom of Time.


Side OneEdit

  • Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love
  • Floy Joy
  • A Heart Like Mine
  • Over & Over
  • Precious Little Things

Side TwoEdit

  • Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet
  • Automatically Sunshine
  • The Wisdom of Time
  • Oh Be My Love


Chart Peak Position
U.S. Billboard Pop Album #54

U.S. Billboard R&B Albums


Single U.S. Pop Singles U.S.Cashbox Hot 100 U.S. R&B Singles U.S.Adult Contemporary U.K. Singles
Floy Joy #16 #16 #5 #33 #9
Automatically Sunshine #37 #37 #21 #17 #10
Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love #59 #70 #22
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