Mary Wilson Red Hot

Produced by Hal Davis, and written by Frank Busey and John Duarte, "Red Hot" is the title of original Supreme, Mary Wilson's first single release as a solo artist at Motown Records.


"Red Hot" was recorded for and included on Mary's first full-length solo album, 1979's "Mary Wilson." Following its release as a single in September of 1979, the song peaked at #95 on Billboard's R&B singles chart. A special 12" extended version of the disco track earned a spot on Billboard's Disco chart at #85. A follow-up single, "Pick Up The Pieces" saw release in March of 1980, but failed to generate sales or chart performance.


  • Mary Wilson - Lead Vocals
  • Julia Waters Tillman (courtesy of Arista Records) - Background vocals
  • Maxine Waters Willard (courtesy of Arista Records) - Background vocals
  • Gloria Scott - Background vocals

Chart HistoryEdit

Single (1979) U.S. R&B Singles U.S. Dance Singles
Red Hot #95 #85